Mojo Pale Ale

NEW! A contemporary pale ale. Pale straw in colour with lovely fruity hop flavours. Satisfying and thirst-quenching.

Marston’s Brewery

Old Empire

With its pale appearance, strong hoppy taste and higher alcoholic strength, the award-winning Marston’s Old Empire comprises all the genuine characteristics…


Old Thumper

Old Thumper is a traditional-style strong ale from the New Forest in Hampshire, England. A past champion ‘Beer of Britain’, it is deep brown…


Old Tom

This superior dark ale is recognised as one of the most famous strong ales, winning some of the industry’s most prestigious awards including…

Marston’s Brewery

Pearl Jet Stout

Formerly know as Oyster Stout! The unique character of this stout is brought about by fermentation with the Marston’s strain of yeast. Taken from…

Marston’s Brewery


We only use natural Burton spring water and traditional varieties of barley and hops (Maris Otter Barley, Fuggles and Goldings hops), rather than…



Tanglefoot is a golden ale with hints of melon and pear developed from fermentation. Fruity notes are balanced with a smooth hoppiness and biscuity flavour.